UV Peak Cap Camo Khaki

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Peak Cap On Clearance

Ideal for all types of sport. Protects against the UV Rays.

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UV Camo Kaki Peak Cap.

You can use this Peak Cap for a whole range of activities such as walking, hiking, golf , cycling, boating, fishing, equestrian activities and many more. The Peak Cap is comfortable to wear.

It never loses its shape because of the Neoprene Visor and the stretch polyester fabric. All the time it is very comfortable to wear and also protecting against the UV sun rays.

The visor will protect your eyes from the sun rays and the Cap will stay cleaner for longer because of the antibacterial thread that the manufacturers use . This thread will reduce bad odors .

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Insect Repellent.

UV Camo Khaki Peak Cap

Comfortable to Wear.

Protects against the UV rays.

Ideal for all types of sport.

Neoprene Visor.


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