Merino Wool Head-Neckwear Khaki Lucky


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Merino Wool is water repellent, odour resistant and breathable

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Merino Wool Head Neck Wear Khaki Lucky.

Merino Head Neck Wear Khaki Lucky.  It is comfy , warm and also releases an explosion of mint aroma. . Soft against the skin therefore it does not cause friction. It is comfortable warm and breathable.

People use these for a whole range of activities such as walking, hiking, golf , cycling, boating, equestrian activities.

It is also seamless , odor resistant and machine washable so you do not have to iron it.

You can also use it as a neat fashion accessory. It will maintain its natural shape through the machine washing.

This mint scented seamless garment protects against the cold, is versatile and multi functional

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Merino Wool


Merino Wool Head Neck Wear Lucky Khaki.

Merino Wool

Comfortable and Seamless

Excellent Heat Insulator

Water Repellent

Odour Resistant

100% Natural

100% Renewable


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