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Coolwind Head Neck Wear Ultra Black. Cool in Hot Weather. Buy Now. Helps keep a person cool in hot weather while also protecting. Ideal for those activities in hot weather. Walking, climbing, trekking, golf.


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Coolwind Head Neck Wear Sky.

Sky Bandana made from breathable microfiber best used in warm weather because it will keep you cool.

You can use it for a whole range of activities such as walking, hiking, golf , cycling, boating, equestrian activities and many more.

The UV protection will keep you safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore it will actually stay cleaner longer because of the antibacterial thread used.

You can wear it as a cap , around your neck, to protect your face , as a headband, or beanie, because it is simply multi functional .

All the time it is very comfortable to wear and also protecting against the UV sun rays.

Insect Repellent

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Coolwind Head and Neck Wear

Coolwind is a tubular elastic garment.

Seamless authentic multi functional headwear
Made with Drytex comfort yarn
Coolwind provides quick drying –

excellent wicking properties –

Superb moisture control
Protects against UV rays



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