Beanie Wool Cap WDX Green


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Wdx Wind Beanie Cap in color Green

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Beanie Wool Cap Green.

Beanie Wool Cap is awesome.  Manufactured with a high spec wool  this cap is breathable, protects from  the wind and controls humidity. In very extreme cold weather conditions this cap is used by customers for protection in adverse weather conditions. Therefore this cap acts as a fantastic barrier against the cold.

Runners skiers hikers bicycle riders motor bike users love these caps as they are ideal for use in cold weather. Supper wool beanie cap for cold winter days.  Finally we have several different color options available. Machine washable at low temperature and  the logo on this beanie is muted with the branding visible but not intrusive.  Buy on line and  as well as feeling warm you can look cool.

The other colors available are:

Beanie Navy.

Beanie Garnet.

Wool Beanie Cap Green

Super comfy green cap

Easy care machine washable instructions

Ideal wool beanie to protect against the elements

Color options available: Navy, Garnet, Red


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