Roberto Table Football College Cover


Roberto Table Football College Cover

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Roberto Table Football College Cover.

Roberto Table Football College Cover.  The Football Table College Cover is one of most the robust football tables on the market and is an ideal free play model. The Roberto Football table is designed for family home use. The manufacturer has created this table because it will bring many hours of fun to all who play. So that the table is sturdy and robust the manufacturer uses top quality materials.

Arising from the manufacturing process the table will withstand the most competitive matches. The College Cover  table is an elegant and solid indoor entry level home football table. So designed to entertain. So designed to bring many hours of joy and happiness to all the family. Built with sturdy materials so that it will protect the table from the most competitive of football matches. So by using non protruding telescopic rods the manufacturer ensures that the rods do not come out of the table during play.  The ‘College Pro Cover’ has been created with the safety of its players in mind so by using though the implementation of an Unbreakable Glass Cover.

The model complies with the European Toy Safety Directives.

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Roberto Table Football College Cover.


  • Construction: Multi-layered poplar 25 mm with melamine coating
  • Playing Surface: 5 mm tempered glass with plasticized green play field paper and white lines (dims: 111 x 70 cm)
  • Playing Dimensions: 110cm x 134cm x 90cm
  • Table Leg: Anodized aluminimum
  • Table Feet: Foot 80x80mm with a rubber insertion
  • Table Rod’s: Telescopic diam. 18mm
  • Table Rod Handel: Professional Red/blue
  • Color: Blue with Red/Blue figures


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