Roberto Football Table Game


Roberto Football Table Game. Sturdy and Robust. Fun for all to play.

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Roberto Football Table Game.

Roberto Football Table Game is one of most the robust football tables on the market and is an ideal free play model and is designed for  family home use. The manufacturer has created this table which will bring  many hours of fun to the family. So that the table is sturdy and robust  the manufacturer uses top quality materials.

Arising from the manufacturing process  the table will  withstand the most competitive matches. Created from 20mm thick MDF with a melamine coating to give the table more protection with the rougher matches.  Football Table Game is a wonderful way for all the family to have fun together and is an excellent way to improve hand and eye co-ordination.

The table top has a 20mm thick MDF construction and a melamine coating on the surface.  The dimensions of the table are 121cm x 75cm x 91cm and  has anti-slip plastic foot levelers which make it very safe to use. This is an ideal football table for all the family . It will enable  one and all to gain technique and experience in the art of table football. Roberto Football Table company have a long history in the making of football tables and this is evident in the quality of their tables.


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Roberto Football Table Game.

  • Construction: MDF 20mm thick with Melamine Coating
  • Playing Surface: Play field (Dims 111 x 70cm)
  • Playing Dimensions: 121cm x 75cm x 91cm
  • Table Leg: 80 x 80mm Iron square legs
  • Table Feet: Anti-slip Plastic foot levelers
  • Table Rod’s: Solid rods, diameter 16mm
  • Rods Handles: Expert Diam. 18mm
  • Color: Grey with Blue/Red figures


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