Polar Fleece Neck Warmer WDX Fishing


WP2274 Fishing Head and Neck Warmer. Fleece and Fabric Combination gives a warm snug fit. Multi-functional.

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Head and Neck Warmer Fishing.

Head and Neck Warmer Fishing. Fleece and Fabric combination gives a warm and snug fit. It is comfy, warm and seamless. Soft against the skin therefore it does not cause friction. It is comfortable warm and breathable.

People use these for a whole range of activities such as walking, hiking, golf , cycling, boating, equestrian activities.

It is also seamless, odor resistant and machine washable so you do not have to iron it. It protects you from the cold whilst also giving you complete moisture management.

You can also use it as a neat fashion accessory. It will maintain its natural shape through the machine washing.

This seamless garment protects against the cold, is versatile and multi functional.

In recent times this product has been used as a daily clothing accessory. It has become fashionable and smart to wear as part of normal attire. For the outdoor this product is an extremely versatile item ideal for outdoor activities, running, climbing, skiing, biking, hill walking, trekking etc.

Can be changed into a super winter hat. The Fleece gives a snug warm on cold winter days while the breathable fabric provides a lovely attachment.


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Head and Neck Warmer Fishing.

Head and Neck Warmer Fishing. Polar Fleece and Fabric Combination give a warm snug fit. Ideal garment for outdoor activities or simply protecting yourself against the elements. The technology behind its design make it a highly efficient heat insulator against wind and cold preserving body heat. This garment has many practical uses.

Polarwind is the authentic multi functional head wear sewn with environment friendly polar fleece made from 100% re-cycled bottles. It is versatile, warm, light, soft, non irritating and can be used in many different ways. Sanitized prevents bacteria build up and eliminates odor. Mirhon New Life technology maintains body temperature and prevents heat loss.

Polar Fleece Neck Warmer is an ideal garment for outdo


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