Colored Neck Gaiter Snood


Colored Neck Gaiter Snood Jog

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Colored Neck Gaiter Snood

TUBULARWIND is the ideal garment for

practicing outdoor sports or, quite simply,

protecting yourself from the cold. It is seamless

and made from polyester microfibers. It is soft,

light and extremly comfortable thanks to its

elasticity, ensuring a great protection.

Great Special Offers

Made from High Tech Recycled

Polyester microfibres that guarantees heat

Insulation and breathability

Seamless: Avoiding uncomfortable rubbing

Protection against the cold :

Highly efficient heat insulator against the wind

and cold, preserving body heat.

Easy Care : Machine washable and no need

to iron.


Sanitized ®: Anti bacterial thread with anti odour properties

One Size Multifunctional : Can be used in many different ways

Thermal Protection LEVEL 2


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