Basketball Zone Size 7 Club Deal


Fantastic Training Ball Club Offer

50 in stock

Baden Size 7 Basketball with excellent grip which gives you more control

You will be on target every time because this Size 7 Basketball gives you total control over your shots

This ball also comes in the following sizes and colors:

Baden Zone Basketball Size 3 Lime Green 308ZN3LG
Training ball Baden  Basketball Size 5 Red 308ZN6P
Zone Basketball by Baden Size 6 Blue       308ZN5R

Zone Basketball

Size 7

Blue in color

Ideal training ball

Good Grip.

Available on this product range are

Baden Zone Basketball Lime Green Size 3 308ZN3LG

Zone Training Basketball Purple Size 6 308ZN6P

Size 5 Baden  Basketball Blue Size 5  308ZN5R



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