Basketball Board Polypropylene 112cm x 71cm 63510BB


Polypropylene Board 112cm x 71cm.

Please note the cosmetics on the board my differ from the image.

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Basketball Board Polypropylene.

Basketball Board Polypropylene 112cm x 71. The Fan shaped of the  board is liked by basketball followers. Thus they love that this Board comes  already drilled for ease of installation. The Board compatible with Sure Shot rings 65212, 65203E and 65215 therefore  is an ideal replacement for quite a few portable units.

This Board is ideally priced. It comes with an attractive cosmetic design on the  front of the basketball board. Therefore it is a  handy replacement board for  Sure Shot Portable Units. Thus it is perfectly suitable for Home or Primary school use.

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Basketball Board Polypropylene.

• Ideal for school and home use

• Indoor/outdoor set

• Fan shaped polypropylene backboard

• Compatible with 310 extension bracket.

Compatible with 212, 203E ring or 215 Sure Shot Ring– sold separately

• Graphics included

• Complete in one box

• Size of box 44″ x 29″

Size of Board 112cm  x 71cm

• Great value


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