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Badminton Racket For Beginners Training

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The Beijing Badminton racket from Sure Shot – one of the leading brands in Badminton

The Beijing model has a two-piece construction with a light aluminium head and steel shaft.

The racket has  isometric head shape -and therefore  increases the sweet spot size

As a result  this offers greater power on contact.

The two parts of the racket are connected by a solid ‘T’ piece connection point creating a great all round and well-balanced racket.

The manufacturers have supplied this racket strung with LawnTex white nylon string, with a string tension of 18 – 20lbs,

The Manufacturers have finished the racket  in red, yellow, and white with ‘Beijing’ details.

A great Badminton racket – with its robust constructions the model is the ideal badminton racket for improving player.



Code 4203

Length:                                26.35” / 66cm Adult length

Construction:                    Two piece

Head:                                   Isometric light aluminium head

Shaft:                                   Tempered Steel Shaft

Connection:                       ‘T’ Piece

Grip size:                             G2

Grip:                                     PVC Grip

String:                                  LawnTex White nylon

String Tension:                 18 – 20lbs

Weight:                               95 grammes

Colour:                                 Red, Yellow and White colour scheme with ‘Beijing’ detail



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