Badminton Racket Athens 21ins


Short Badminton Racket 21ins

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Short Badminton Racket  21ins

Shorter version of the full size Athens Racket

The Athens Badminton racket from Sure Shot – one of the leading brands in Badminton.

The racket  is all made from   tempered steel  and as a result makes the racket very strong and durable

The racket is a two-piece design with a ‘T’ piece connection

Manufacturers have supplied the racket strung with white nylon string at a standard tension of 18 – 20lbs

Weighing 116 grammes overall and therefore  coaches would use this is schools and clubs

The racket is finished in blue, white, and silver colour scheme with ‘Athens’ detail.

A great value option of Badminton Rackets –

You can use this racket  for beginners and leisure players alike.

Code 4201

Length:                            21” / 53cm Junior length

Construction:                    Two piece

Head:                               Tempered Steel

Shaft:                              Tempered Steel

Connection:                       ‘T’ Piece

Grip size:                          G2

Grip:                                 PVC grip

String:                               LawnTex White nylon

String Tension:                   18 – 20lbs

Weight:                                 99 grammes

Colour:                               Blue, White and Silver colour scheme with ‘Athens’ detail

Barcode: 5060556520051


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