Table Tennis Robot Practice Partner 20


Butterfly Practice Partner 20 Robot Table Tennis

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Table Tennis Practice Robot

The Butterfly Table Tennis Practice Robot –  Practice Partner 20 is ideal to really fine tune your game

Table Tennis Players use  Table Tennis Practice Robots  in schools and clubs and you can also use it at home.

There are  8 different spin options to test and practice for your game and the service speed also has many variations.

You can perfect your spin techniques with constant practice which will help to improve your game and your concentration.

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*Practise Partner PP 20 Robot
*Simple to use robot ideal for school, club or home use.
*Suitable for all levels of player
*Produces topspin, backspin and side spin with up to 8 different spin variations
*The ball feeding unit made from alloy with resistant rubber which stabilizes the ball direction
*The service speed can be varied between 25-80 balls per minute.
*Easy to use control box
*Table mounted
*Alternate oscillation function
*No collection net included in this item
*Size: 1′ 1″ x 8.5″ x 1′ 11″ (31.5 x 21.5 x 58.5cm)
*Packed weight: 12kg

The attached Video is for the Practice Partner 60


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