Table Tennis Net and Post Set Matchplay Butterfly


Butterfly Match Net And Post Set

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Match Table Tennis Net

Butterfly Match Table Tennis Table Net And Posts are suitable for Matches , League Games and Championships.

Players  will also use this one on their Table Tennis Table at home. It is very strong and robust and so will stand up to plenty of use.

The rubber on the screw clamps will protect the table from damage

You can adjust the height of the 6 inch net with the height adjusters which are at both ends .

The cotton net has a strong tension and therefore gives a very accurate height.

The manufacturers use good quality strong components in the manufacture of these net and post

The net will slip neatly onto each post and it is the standard height of 6 inches.

Another Option On A Good Quality Net And Post Set

*Suitable for league match and championship use
*Robust post with strong screw on clamp
*Clamps covered with rubber protectors to avoid damage to table
*Slip in 6 inch Cotton Net


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