Table Tennis Schools Coaching Pack Reverse Rubber Bats


Table Tennis Schools Coaching Pack Set with Reverse Rubber Sponge Bats

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Coaches Table Tennis Pack

Schools or Clubs should use these packs for coaching juniors to play Table Tennis because they are ideal.

Good strong bats which have excellent playability because of the smooth rubber and durable handles.

Juniors will love these because they can practice both offensive and defensive play.

Makes learning how to play the game so much fun for beginners and therefore maintaining interest.

Because the Table Tennis Balls are Orange in color this makes it very easy for beginners to focus on the ball.

Coaches like these packs because it keeps all the gear neatly packed away when not in use.

This is a great beginners size Table Tennis Table

* Ideal Equipment pack for Schools Clubs and Coaches
* Contains:
* 14 Reverse Rubber Sponge Bats
* 30 Quality Table Tennis Bats
* All nicely stored and contained in its own holdall
* Weight: 4.8kg


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